Facebook for your business

Useful links for setting up and managing a facebook Page

Facebook for your business

If you're thinking about setting your business up with a presence on Facebook, you might find a series of articles linked to below will help you through the setup process, and give you some useful tips on how to manage and anaylse your facebook campaign.

It doesn't take long to setup a business facebook presence - and you may be surprised at how much content you already have at your fingertips to gave an informative and impressive page in no time. Take advantage of the many articles out on the web, and through some useful advice - avoid common mistakes, and potential headaches.

Page or Group
Your first decision will be whether you should set up a Group or a Page. This is a key decision, and worth careful consideration before you start out. Facebook Page v Facebook Group should give you a decent idea of the differences and which one is right for you.

New Look Facebook Page
Most businesses will likely choose to go for a Facebook Page. Facebook recently rolled out a new look Page, with some new features and aspects that you ought to be aware of to make the most out of your Page, and avoid some pitfalls that could have a negative effect on your business image. Read The Ultimage Guide to the new Facebook Page for more tips on this.

Make the most of Pages
Once setup this guide titled How Brands can make the most of Facebook's new Pages runs you through some steps to make the most out of what Facebook can do for your branding.

Analyse your results
Once your Page has been up for a while - you'll want to know what's been going on, and how you can improve your online presence - this article on social media tracking tools gives a good overview of Facebook Analytics, as well as some other handy analysis tools for other social media applications.