'Linkedin Today'

News feed service providing industry specific articles from across the internet

'Linkedin Today'

LinkedIn has recently rolled out a news feed service called LinkedIn Today. It is currently in Beta development mode, but available through your LinkedIn account from the menu bar under More > News.

The feature aggregates news articles from across the internet, and displays what LinkedIn deems to be of most interest to each particular user based on their profile, and stories that have proved to be popular amongst each users connnections.

This personalised feed could prove to be a useful tailored method to deliver the top news stories and trends relevant to each business sector. Users are able to see which articles are most popular amongst their connections, and see summaries of which are the most popular news articles in their industry. Of course the feature will be customisable for each unique user, and allow them to mould this new service to suit their browsing and business needs as they wish.

LinkedIn also allows users to merge their account with Twitter - enabling users to tweet relevant news from LinkedIn Today through Twitter - giving the user's Twitter followers immediate access to the news story they wish to share.

LinkedIn Today may prove succesful in attracting users back to the site on a more regular basis. Currently, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are visited far more frequently than LinkedIn, a topical - time sensitive feautre such as this news feed will likely increase the frequency of visits to this site - boosting traffic and improving user engagemenet. Time will tell if LiunkedIn will have succeeded - but on the surface of it - this looks like to have a lot of potential and a useful business tool for keeping up to date with what is happening around the world in areas that are of specific interest to the user.