Social Media Hubs and Aggregators

Social Media Hubs and Aggregators

Social Media and Hashtag Aggregation platforms, also called Social Media Curation or Content Curation is a fast evolving feature of online marketing.

Many companies have setup social media hubs to collect, organize and display social, user-generated content. The end result is a well-curated social media aggregation that looks similar to a digital magazine full of engaging content and conversations around a particular topic or brand.

Hashtags  digitally connect us. When you include a #hashtag in Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Pinterest and others, the #hashtag serves as a subject matter identifier. Searches can be made using #hashtags to give you results from others who have also used that particular #hashtag in their posts.

If you do a #hashtag search on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc, the results you receive are from the social media accounts of people who have used that particular #hashtag in their post , tweet, or comment.  So open up your Twitter account, go to “Discover” and search some #hashtags like; #safari, #wildlife, #kenyacoast, and you’ll see the results. To achieve this across multiple platform, with targeted and bespoke settings, a social media aggregator is needed.

What each of these #hashtag aggregators do is search for a specific #hashtag from several social media services and then feed the posts, comments, pictures and videos onto a webpage dynamically for you to see, mostly in real time.

Now comes the tough part….deciding which social feed curation platform to use. The number of companies that offer this type of tool or service is extensive and continues to grow. Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses so it is worth spending some time evaluating tools based on an individual basis based on the brand’s specific needs. Costs vary significantly, and depending on your requirements, you could get by with a free version, or require a plan that is $1000 per month or more.

Some of the leading platforms for creating social hubs include:

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Our choice is Rebel Mouse, a social media hub and personal publishing service that aims to be your main hangout online by offering a free aggregation service that pulls together your social media feeds into a single, unified view.

You can use Rebel Mouse to automatically generate a personalised page of content pulled from various social media sources and then use that page as a home page or embed it into your existing blog, microblog or website.

The finished product looks a little like Pinterest in design, with a basic grid layout that rolls down a single page, and keeps on going, showing more and more stuff as you scroll down.