Web Evolution - Ride with it

Infographic illustrates speed of web development

Web Evolution - Ride with it

A fascinating interactive infographic - The Evolution Of The Web - is a great illustration of how fast the web develops, and gives an insight into the challenges of keeping up to date with the latest technlogies and media trends.

No technology in history has developed at such a speed, or continues to accelerate as the internet is currently doing.

This is a daunting prospect, how can a person or business stay on top of such a wide range of developments that seem to be sweeping through on an almost daily basis? The answer is, they can't. 

What you can do is to try and ride the wave the best you can. No one will be completely up to date, or make the most of what internet technology offers us. But by at least dabbling in the latest trends, and keeping an open mind to new advancements, willing to accept change, and learn something new - you'll be a step ahead of the vast majority and part of an exciting, if not daunting revolution sweeping the globe in ways we cannot begin to imagine.

Get amongst it, and enjoy your unique ride of this technological wave.