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How Google Search works

A quick video from Google giving a great explanation on how they provide search results

With Google's search formula a closely guarded secret, there are thousands of companies offering search optimisation services, claiming that they can establish a client's website on the coveted first page of Google.

While they may enjoy some short-term success with various tweaking methods, Google is constantly updating and changing its search parameters, with only one thing remaining constant - quality content.  As this illuminating video, released by Google, shows, there are only two long-term solutions for high rankings - both of which Wed-Duka can help you with - advertising and quality content.

Online advertising, in the shape of the Google Adsense Programme, is a means of targeting your potential clients with Google Ads tailored to your services.  Whenever someone clicks on those ads, the viewer is directed to your site and your account is deducted the cost of one click.  Keyword click prices, or cost per click (CPC) vary depending on the competitiveness and popularity of the term, but are typically in the region of £0.50 - £5.00, although some, for example 'M & S insurance travel' are more than £200 a click

While Adsense can and does bring you targeted customers, it is a one-off hit and the budget can soon be exhausted.  An alternative, longer-term strategy is to employ the services of an SEO writer, whose experience of writing good and relevant copy specifically for the search engines, is a much better way of allowing your site to genericaly rise up the engines.  Wed-Duka has recently gone into partnership with a British journalist with experience of SEO writing (examples and results upon request).