How it Works

Web-Duka works hard to design the perfect logo for your business, so we want the design process to be as simple as possible. There are 5 steps to the interactive process of designing your logo, keeping you involved every step of the way.

Step 1: Fill Out Questionnaire

A questionnaire helps us understand what motivates you and your business. The questions are easy to answer and only take a few minutes. The more information you are able to provide, the better we can assist you.

Step 2: Designers Are Assigned to Your Team

After we review the questionnaire, we assign a team of designers to your project. We evaluate your industry, business, and preferences to select a team that best matches your profile and allows us to customize the logo design experience to meet your specific needs.

Step 3: We Deliver Five (or more) Logo Concepts

After five business days, you will receive five logo design concepts. Each of the designers on your team comes up with at least one detailed design sketch. However, they may decide to create more choices for you.

Initially, the logo concepts are just sketches, but they take shape as the designers add colour and details. Eventually, the concepts are transferred to the computer where we add finishing touches.

Although it’s unlikely that you won’t like any of the logo concepts returned to you, we include unlimited revision rounds or edits and unlimited redraws (all the way up to the delivery of the final files to you) so that your logo comes out perfect.

Example initial logo design concepts:

Kc Inital Design 6
Kc Initial Design 1
Kc Initial Design 2
Kc Initial Design 3
Kc Initial Design 4
Kc Initial Design 5

Step 4: You Review the Designs and Ask for Changes

You choose your favourite design concept and ask for any changes you’d like. You can even choose elements from one logo concept and blend them with elements of another logo concept. We make all the changes you require until your logo is exactly what you want.

The whole review process is simple, and we guide you through it. We work at your pace and never rush you to make a decision. You can spend days, or even weeks deciding on your final logo.

Once we have your feedback, we start to refine the designs until we have the perfect logo for your business. Design changes are returned to you in just three working days.

Example first logo design revisions:

Kc First Revision 1
Kc First Revision 2
Kc First Revision 3

We continue to tweak and refine your logo through a number of revisions until we have it just right.

Example second logo design revisions:

Kc Second Revision 1
Kc Second Revision 2
Kc Second Revision 3

Step 5: We Prepare the Files in All Possible Formats

We deliver your logo in all possible formats, including EPS, JPG, PNG, PDF, PSD, and TIFF. EPS is the master copy that can be edited in Adobe Illustrator. It ensures that quality doesn’t suffer when you send your logo to print shops. If you ever need additional file formats, we can usually accommodate, so just ask.
With the right file format, your logo is ready to be used on posters, banners, stationary designs, websites, decals, flyers, stickers, brochures, t-shirts, and anything else you can imagine. You can also upgrade your logo package if you need help creating logo files for letterheads and social media.

We supply you with information on the colour and fonts used in your logo so you can maintain brand consistency no matter where or how you print your logo. You also own the copyright to your final logo design and can make changes any time. Of course, Web-Duka can always help you update or rework your logo later.
Our service does not end after delivering your logo files. We always keep a copy of your logo in our system so you can retrieve it if you ever need to.

Kenya Coast Final Gray
Kenya Coast Final White
Kenya Coast Final

Optional Extras

Stationary Design

If you require stationary design using your new logo, we offer a number of stationary design packages to suit your needs.

These packages will incorporate your new logo into a letterhead, envelope and business card giving a professional and modern branded image to your stationary.

Step 1 - Stationary deisgn concepts:

Kc Stationary Concept A 1
Kc Stationary Concept B 1
Kc Stationary Concept C 1
Kc Stationary Concept D 1

Once you have viewed and sent your feedback on the inital stationary design conepts, we make any changes before sending you the revised design.

Step 2 - Stationary design revision:

Kc Stationary Revision 1

Step 3 - Stationary files prepared in final format

Once the stationary design has been approved we prepare the final files and send the digital files to you. We do not send prints. The files you recieve from us are in a print friendly format allowing you to arrange printing to meet your needs with your printer of choice.

Example Stationary Files:

Kenya Coast Business Card Final
Kenya Coast Envelope Final
Kenya Coast Letterhead Final

Social Media Logo Pack Design

Social Media accounts vary in their requirements for logo / icon and banner header images.

Get your new logo design sized for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. You will get an additional logo pack that fits all of these social media pages. Don´t get frustrated trying to fit your logo to these social media sites. Let us solve this problem for you.

Contact us for more infomation.