Content Strategy and Copywriting

Unify your brand messaging and engage your audience across all media with content strategy and copywriting.
  • We create content that converts
  • Start your communication strategy with a strong foundation
  • We write compelling copy that leads to website performance


Written content is often the most important factor in bringing new and return traffic to a website. It is also one of the most overlooked aspects of website development.

Too many websites, blogs and marketing material fall short due to disorganised written content wih numerous spelling and grammatical errors.

This in turn reflects poorly on the business - regardless of the quality of the services or products - often leading to reduced website traffic or interest in the website material, which can lead to a loss of potential business.

If you think that your content may benefit from a fresh set of eyes, and you would like suggestions from an experienced qualified professional, then you might want to consider Web-Duka's writing and proof reading services.


Website articles are the first step to getting known on the Web. Web-Duka copywriting specialises in writing clear, crisp article content that delivers information that your readers can use. We write top quality articles, in detail and with care, for small business owners and other professionals who want to become well known and respected in their field.


600-800 words per article
Keyword rich title (for best search engine positioning)
Informative in nature (should teach or explain something relevant to your business)
One draft per article (any corrections or changes are the responsibility of the client)

Article writing price breaks:
1 article: Euro 45
5 articles: Euro 175
10 articles: Euro 300
20 articles: Euro 500

Request an article writing or article editing quote:
Article writing for the web takes time and energy that's better spent serving your clients. If you can use a helping hand with this task, email Web-Duka your responses to the following questions:

1. What subjects or content areas do you need copy for?
2. How many articles will you need and how frequently will they be required?
3. Where will the articles be posted (blogs, article sites, newsletters, other)?
4. Do you require articles written from scratch, or edits of what you have written?