Information Architecture and User Experience

Information Architecture and User Experience
Every website starts with a wireframe. Our Information Architecture (IA) and User Expereince (UX) service provides detailed blueprints for high-performance websites.

What is IA and UX?

Information Architecture (IA) focuses on the organisation and structure of website content in a manner in which a user van navigate through it. 

The critical Information Architecture planning process takes time and experience to achieve effective results. Information Architecture is organizing your content effectively and specifically for your visitors. It looks at how you label your content for the navigation menus, links, and how you position your content for user friendly navigation.

User Experience (UX) takes a website’s Information Architecture a step further, factoring in not only the website navigation, but also its ability to facilitate engagement.

website architecture planning

A website needs good IA in order give a good UX. An engaging and effective user experience is one where a site visitor finds browsing a website easy, simple and gets the job done, leaving the visitor coming away from the site thinking ‘what a great site, that was easy, I got what I needed’.

  • We plan websites with relevant content for your audience
  • Well planned user-pathways improve website conversions
  • Improve usability with an intuitive layout

If a website has poorly organised navigation, layout and labels, visitors will find it hard to find useful information, and leave the site. A key stage in developing a website is to know your target audience and design a web blueprint based on their needs and wants.